Start Getting Ready for Summer Now with Laser Hair Removal

Nothing says summer more than skin, skin, skin: Smooth, silky, lovely skin. Whether you’re wearing short shorts, a swimsuit, or a skirt, you expose more of yourself in summer than you do the rest of the year. After suffering a blustery winter like the one we’ve just had, you’re ready to throw off the mufflers and head for the beach.

Not so fast. If you really want a beach body and hair-free skin this summer, you have to start planning now. Along with hitting the pre-summer sales, it’s time to begin laser hair-removal treatments so you can throw away the depilatories, wax, and razors for good.

Less time, better results

Did you know that women spend about 72 days of their lives just shaving their legs? At Skin Serenity Medispa  in Haverhill, Massachusetts, our master aestheticians use state-of-the-art lasers to help women and men who want to save time by removing hair from their:

Each laser hair-removal session only takes a few minutes to about half an hour, depending on how large an area you want to treat. So why do you have to start so soon?

Your hairs come in at different times.

Your expert removes your unwanted hairs by directing the power of laser energy at the hair follicles, which is where your hairs grow. The heat from the laser disrupts the structure of the follicle so that it can’t hold onto the hair it has, and would have difficulty regrowing a new one, either. About two weeks after your treatment, you’ll notice about one quarter of your unwanted hair falls out.

But one treatment just zaps some of your hairs. The laser works best on hairs that are in the earliest stage of their growth cycle. All of your hairs grow at different rates, of course, which is why you need a series of up to six treatments to be sure you’ve damaged the follicles for all of your unwanted hairs.

You need to take a break.

The laser energy targets the pigment in your hair’s root, bypassing your skin. Nevertheless, you may feel a little pink and raw after your treatment. The sensation can be similar to having a mild sunburn for a few hours.

Our aestheticians recommend that you take a break of about a month between laser treatment sessions. First, this gives your skin a chance to recover. Also, it allows time for more of your unwanted hairs to enter an early growth cycle, so they can be zapped at your next laser hair-removal session.

You have to prepare, too.

For the best results, you need to let your hairs grow (no shaving or tweezing!) for about six weeks before your first laser hair-removal treatment. You also should wear plenty of sunscreen both during this preparation phase, and after your treatment, when your skin will be extra sensitive to the sun’s damaging rays.

Two days before you come to Skin Serenity Medispa for your appointment, you should shave the area you want treated. Then let your hair grow (don’t shave again!), so you’ll have some stubble in time for your laser therapy.

When you come in for your treatment, our aesthetician first applies a numbing cream to your skin to minimize discomfort. Each time the laser targets a hair, you’ll feel a little zing or stinging sensation, that some say feel like the snap of a rubber band. After your last treatment, your aesthetician recommends yearly touch-ups.

Is it laser hair-removal worth it? According to 95% of RealSelf users, it is.

To book your laser hair-removal consultation, call us today at 978-226-3749, or use the online booking service.

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