How to Prepare for Your First Xeomin® Treatment

Xeomin® temporarily smooths frown lines to give you a more youthful, glowing look. Just like Botox®, it’s a purified toxin that halts the muscle activity that contributes to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

At Skin Serenity Medispa, we use Xeomin® to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet around your eyes, horizontal lines of your forehead, and vertical lines between your eyebrows — known as the “11s.” You notice results of the injections in less than a week, and you keep your new, wrinkle-free look for three to six months. Retreatments are available to help you maintain a youthful, less wrinkled complexion.

Prior to your first Xeomin® appointment, you may feel a bit apprehensive. You may have questions, such as whether you can wear makeup to and after the injections or how much the injections will hurt. Don’t stress. At Skin Serenity Medispa, our expert team wants you to have the most comfortable experience possible.

And that starts with being informed. Read on to understand why Xeomin® is the right choice for you and how you can prepare so your appointment goes smoothly.

Xeomin® vs. Botox

Xeomin® acts similarly to Botox and contains the same neurotoxin, Botulinum toxin type A. It works by temporarily halting the muscle activity that contributes to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Xeomin® injections go directly into the facial muscles that are causing your frown lines.

Xeomin® is an alternative to Botox. While both are safe to use, Botox contains additives. Xeomin® is “naked,” meaning it has no additives and is thus less likely to trigger antibody formation and the subsequent allergic reactions. If you develop these antibodies, it may also affect the effectiveness of Botox. You don’t have to worry about the development of antibodies with Xeomin®.

Before you begin treatment, you can take certain steps to help ensure the best outcome.

Avoid certain products

In the week prior to your first Xeomin® treatment, avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatories (such as Advil or Aleve), ginkgo biloba, vitamin E, or fish oil supplements. Compounds in these oral supplements and medications may increase bruising and bleeding from the injections. If you need pain relief in the week prior to treatment, Tylenol works great.

You may also want to avoid multivitamins, green tea, ginger, cinnamon, and red wine, all of which contain antioxidants. Antioxidants, although extremely healthy for your diet, can prevent clotting by affecting the integrity of your blood vessels. This can increase bleeding at the injection sites.

Load up on other nutrients

Leafy greens such as swiss chard, kale, and broccoli can boost your levels of vitamin K, which helps thicken your blood and reduces the possibility of bruising and swelling. Plus, they provide all sorts of good vitamins and minerals to make you look and feel healthier.

You may also opt for Arnica pills, which can reduce discomfort, bruising, and swelling from the injections. Arnica is a natural supplement that you can find at many natural food stores.

Educate yourself on what to expect

Xeomin® injections do involve a needle, so you will feel a pinch upon administration. Most people find the treatments pretty tolerable. In fact, the treatment is over so quickly that you barely notice any pain. If you’re concerned about discomfort, talk to us when you schedule your appointment about applying a topical numbing cream prior to treatment.

Skin prep prior to arrival

If you do wear makeup, the areas injected may be cleansed briefly and then wiped down with alcohol. Coming to your appointment bare-faced saves this step. You can reapply makeup right after the treatment.

After your appointment

You don’t need to do any planning for after your appointment because Xeomin® treatments require no downtime. Many people come in during their lunch hour and go right back to their daily activities.

At Skin Serenity Medispa, we want you to look your best. Xeomin® treatments are just one of a number of services that help you do so. For information about all of our offerings, call today at 978-226-3749 or schedule a consultation using this website.

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